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Ladies' Ministries

Koffee Klatch has been a long-serving ministry for women in our area. Every Thursday during the school year, women of all ages are invited to join us for fellowship, conversation, food, and learning.


At 9:00 am, the dining room at The Hope Center comes to life with the voices of new and old friends gathering to share stories and laugh together over fresh coffee and delicious Krumpes donuts.


At 10:00 am, our praise & worship begins, followed by a Bible study geared specifically for women. This is a wonderful time for women to come together to grow spiritually, build strong bonds, and share life.


Koffee Klatch is free for any woman who can attend. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide childcare. For more information about Koffee Klatch, please call 301-739-1165 or email

Future Goal:
Opening a
Women's Shelter

Community meals
Koffee Klatch
Community meals
Community meals
Koffee Klatch
Community events
Koffee Klatch

Women have always been an important part of our ministry. But each year, we see a greater need to focus on helping women in our area. Poverty and homelessness among women and children is on the rise and it's time that we work together to help the women in our area who are dealing with very real crises on a daily basis.


Please join us in helping to make this a reality. We need volunteers, sponsors, donors, and most importantly, prayer partners, to help us find the right location and create the programs needed to help the women and children in need.


To help us with this need, please call 301-739-1165 or email


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