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So Many Volunteer Opporunities...

Check-in Office

We need men over 18 years of age to fill in for shifts of 4 or 8 hours. Responsibilities include monitoring everyone coming in or leaving the building. Monitoring Foundations Life Recovery residents as they leave or return from a pass. Answer intercom calls and watch the security camera monitors. Interaction with program residents and day/overnight guests where you can talk to them and encourage them. To learn more call Terry at 301.739.1165 or email him at

Wildside Youth

From hosting action-packed after-school parties to student leadership training at The Crew, Wildside Youth ministries is helping to make a difference in the lives of kids in Hagerstown. Activities are focused on building relationships, learning about Jesus and providing a fun, safe environment where kids can just be kids. Wildside activities are free for kids ages 5-12. Meals, snacks and limited transportation are included. If you have a heart for children then this is perfect for you! Wildside is always looking for volunteers to help in many different ways with various events. To learn more about Wildside check out

Evening Chapel & Dinner

Each evening, the Trinity Center at The Hope Center comes alive with music, testimony, dramatizations and the Word thanks to many different churches in the greater Hagerstown area. Since the host is different each evening, the nightly services are never repetitive for our residents or community guests who attend. Many churches use this opportunity for various ministries and outreaches and their own church body comes out and leads the service. From choirs, to youth groups, to Sunday School classes and puppet teams, evening chapel services are an exciting and creative way for your congregation to come together and reach people for Christ! The host church also has the opportunity to serve the evening meal following the service. This is yet another opportunity for people in your church to get involved. Call or email for more details about how your church group can get plugged into this unique opportunity.

The Great Hagerstown Thanksgiving Feast

Our big Thanksgiving celebration is returning to an in-person event again this year! We're planning on hosting 250-300 guests for our annual buffet. We need volunteers to help set up, serve food, and clean up. The event starts at 11:30am in the Trinity Center on Thanksgiving. Volunteers will only need to serve around 3 hours that day. For more info please call Michelle at 301.739.1165 or email

Camp Wild

Every summer the kids of Hagerstown experience a week of fun & adventure! Our day camp is free for kids ages 5-12. Mornings are spent at The Hope Center. In the afternoon, the campers are transported to our outdoor camp facility just a few miles outside of Hagerstown.  Camp Wild volunteers help in many ways. From leading a small group, to helping set up various activities, volunteers keep the show running and help to build lasting relationships with the campers. To learn more about Camp Wild click HERE

Camp Wild 1.jpg
Donation Center/Sorting Room

Do you love shopping at thrift stores or second-hand shops? We need volunteers to help in our sorting department. When kind neighbors and friends donate their gently-used clothing, housewares, books, furniture, shoes, and toys, we have a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who sort through everything that is dropped off. These people help to price items for our stores in Hagerstown and Chambersburg. If you have a couple hours a day or some free time during the week,  join the crew who keeps our stores thriving!

For more info call us at 301.739.1165 or email us at

Men's Ministry

We're looking for a few good men to help be encouragers, supporters and examples to the guys who are currently enrolled in our Foundations Men's Ministry program and to the men who are our overnight guests. There are plenty of opportunities to help like working in the check-in office, counseling, teaching a class, having one-on-one devotionals or just spending quality time hanging out with the guys. We want our men to build strong relationships with Christian men that will help them become the man that God created them to be! To learn more about our Foundations program or our emergency shelter please click HERE.

Thrift Store Sales Associate

Our Thrift Stores in Hagerstown & Chambersburg are an important part of the support system for the many ministries at The Hope Center. The funds generated from sales of gently used items donated help to keep our facility running year-round. And our Thrift Stores are an important resource for families and individuals on a tight budget. If you have experience in retail and would like to use it for Christ then please let us know. By volunteering, you're helping us keep our overhead low which allows us to keep prices low while also generating the necessary funds to support the other ministries of hope at The Hope Center. Click HERE for Thrift Store info

Soup Line

Everyday the Hope Center hosts a free lunch meal for anyone in the community who is hungry. Following a brief devotional, neighbors in the community are welcomed into our dining room for a delicious warm meal. Monday - Saturday doors open at 12pm. On Sunday doors open at 12:45pm. Volunteers can help serve food and interact with guests. Volunteers can also, but not required to, provide, prepare and serve the food.

Church & Civic Representative

The local church is an important part of keeping this ministry open. Support from the church is essential to providing the services free of charge to all of our guests. So it's very important that we have a way to keep the many churches in our area informed and current on all the things going on at The Hope Center. And that's where a church representative comes into play! Church Reps are a liason between our ministry and the congregation. Church reps make sure our news, needs & activities are made known to the people. They help us find volunteers and donors for specific project and needs and they also help in ways as organizing food drives or getting our staff & residents into their church to talk to the congregation about The Hope Center. 


Has God given you the gift to fix things? Maybe you like painting, repairing vehicles or being handy. If that's the case then we're looking for people like you! We have several buildings in the area which are relatively old so they are in need of repair at times. We also have a fleet of trucks & vans used to pick-up donated items or transport residents & guests to various events. Between the buildings and vehicles, we could really use a group of volunteers who can help us keep our facilities operational without costing us a tremendous amount of money. If you are interested in being a part of an extremely vital job at The Hope Center, don't delay any longer! We can definitely use you!

Food Pantry

Do you have great organizational skills and a heart to feed hungry neighbors? If so, we've got a place for you at The Hope Center! Our food pantry can be overwhelming at times. Our pantry is the heart & soul of The Hope Center. Food stored in the pantry is used for all the meals served and it's also used in food boxes and bags handed out to people in the community. All food donated from food drives and more needs sorted and placed into the pantry. Pantry workers also help to make food bags that will be distributed to the hungry.


Do you have the gift of photography? We'd love to put that talent to good use! There are always a number of photo opportunities at The Hope Center. From special events, to daily activities, to guest snapshots, to specialty shots, we are always in need of a person with an eye for good photos. Whether you're an amateur or professional, we'd love for you to join our Photographers Pool. As we have various events, like our annual Rock the Run 5K every April, we'll post the need for photographer. If you're interested & available then accept the gig. If not, maybe another time. This is a great way to have fun, use your talent, and help in a big way at The Hope Center.

Find Your Perfect Fit!

Depending on your personality, availability, strengths, and interests we have something perfect for you! Whether you like to interact with people, or you'd prefer being behind the scenes, you're free during the day or have open time during the summer, there are plenty of ways you can get involved.

Take a moment to peruse down the page and look at some of the more frequent volunteer opportunities listed. If you don't see something that works for you - don't worry! Just a quick phone call or email can help us find out a perfect fit.

The volunteer opportunities listed below are in order of need. The ones at the top are areas where we can definitely use volunteers at the moment.

Let's Volunteer!

There are many ways to volunteer and get involved. If you've got questions or concerns please call us or email us so we can help guide you in this process. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle, is ready to help you in this process.

Call Michelle at 301.739.1165 or email us at

And please help us find more volunteers by spreading the word with your friends, family, coworkers, and your social circles. If you aren't already following us on our social media pages then go ahead and follow us today. We'll post info on social media that you can share with your friends and help spread awareness and get more people involved!

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